Woman Writing

About Me

Unveiling the Art

It is a pleasure to have you here.
I am greatly invested in the complexities of society, love and the ever-puzzling mystery of existence.
I feel deeply, universe possess me and arises beautiful poetry and abstract art through me.
Through the lines I write and the colors I lather, I explore themes of love, loss, vulnerability, misogyny, family, collective unconscious, beauty of nature, universe, existence and bittersweet humanity. 
My love of poetry is both my medicine that keeps me going and my passion at the same time.
Everything that overwhelms me, also overtakes me, and influences my thought process to give a form to it and feel some more human.
While sometimes I am unable to recognize all that I feel, writing about these undefined scattered emotions gives me great relief.
We are all connected by what we feel, and the more I write, the more I recognize this.
I flow and strive to reveal insights on feelings never illuminated before, bringing the soul- searching poetry to life.
My work is a reflection of my love for writing and art, and I hope it translates to your love for reading.
I feel immensely privileged and grateful to be able to share parts of myself with all my readers and be alive in their feelings. I believe kindness is the coolest, strongest and most powerful thing there is. 
Get in touch, and let's connect more on life while we are here.