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The grass was placed, so were the crops, trees and plants

to keep being useful

bearing more fruits

and to keep looking younger

to grow in the designated place

they were also pruned timely for their growth!

A waste of space if they just lived for themselves

and mere abnormal

soon the space needed to be clean

and safe from unnatural growth

which may manifest diseases otherwise

There was a red flower, plucked one after another,

the plant would keep producing,

it had to, for proving being useful,

or the threat of being discarded or forgotten was high.

At first, pesticides and fertilizers seemed too much,

but now the plant couldn’t live without them.

Afterall, it deserved some support while being useful all the time.

But there was always a competition with other flowers

even one yellow leaf would cause distress and self-loathing

A disease broke that would just not be controlled

nobody knew that the cause was a pesticide reaction

so they kept spraying more and more

very soon flower couldn’t be produced

Thrown away with no hope of being “saved”,

Finally, the plant took a few breaths for itself.

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