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Being is bigger than morality

The human body is a fundamental machine. Once our basic needs are met, we are fit to go. Our instincts and primal human needs are what keep us going. The human race is also so complex. Our layered behaviors, triggers, and personalities are the result of our childhood traumas, incidents, upbringing, societal segregation, financial class, and even our past lives. Most of these complicated unconscious thoughts or behaviors emerge when basic needs aren’t met. Some of these basic needs are food, shelter, sleep, boundaries, freedom and love. When we see how the earth, which we were given as a home, has been divided and hijacked, and that there is a price to pay for using resources, and be certain someone to be allowed to live. Slowly everything starts feeling unfair. Unfair becomes the new normal. Each of us were once a helpless child and still continue to be. We realize not only earth and its resources, but even our bodies and identities are not rightfully ours.

It slowly dawns on us that choice, justice and morals are clouds. Overwhelmed, we return to our basic needs, dare we not be grateful for what we have? Survival of the fittest becomes out motto. Making life a battleground and reaffirming ourselves as victorious survivors assures us that we will prevail. When basic needs are threatened, the surviving machine flips and malfunctions. Whoever threatened it, threatens it, or could potentially threaten it, humans can create or use any weapon they like.

Divided by cast, religion, gender, country or race are united by humanity. The humanity of insecurity, greed, power play and violence.

Skilled Victim and victimizer keep the coal burning. Human loses himself and solaces into depression. Or he exploits whatever he can to fill his needs. Either way life is traded for living a life. When someone is exhausted from struggling to meet his basic needs, he doesn't have time to think about everything else that is beyond his immediate reach.

So, they say eat first, fill your stomach when you are angry or depressed. Maybe you will not argue or cry at all. So, they say satisfy yourself sexually, before you head to commit adultery or violence. Maybe you will not have to do it at all. Whether our basic needs are not met or they are met too much, there are side effects. Both draught and flood kills. Fill desires and emotions, but just near enough. Make sure there aren't too many for someone like you.

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