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Food converts into poop


I am convinced that this is equivalent to where we have imagined bad people go after death.

This is hell.

And we are the bad ones.

Programmed to never fill.

Programmed to keep focusing on the unfilled space.

Programmed to blame others for the space left empty.

Programmed to be not able to recognize what comes our way while being filled.

Programmed to create endless unnecessary actions to fill up with.

Programmed to force others to fill or not to fill.

Programmed to snatch from others to fill.

While also yearning for the filled space that was once empty.

Wanting to fill it all over again, regardless.

Mechanically filling up all the time.

All covered up in incomprehensible fillers.

Victims of each other’s filling desires. Traumatizing each other's identity of space.

Is there more accurate definition of suffering?

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