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Happy and Independence and day

Independence? In-dependence? Being free of dependencies? Or being free from being dependable?

Freedom? Free-dom? Being free of any form of dominance? Or being free to dominate?

How does one achieve in-dependence or free-dom? What does one mean when they want to be independent or they need freedom?

Not having food to fill your stomach creates a dependency on food. Without someone to share thoughts with, doesn't one go crazy or depressed? Does that not create dependency on people?

If not dependency, then what really is love, need, or want?

Well-being and healthy state of mind is dependent on how many things?

Your parents being in good health? Your parents being alive? Your parents being happy and comfortable? Your pet being free of sickness? Your job or business performing well? You having stable income? Your electricity running? You being able to defecate? You being able to love your partner? Your skin being acne-free? One of your parents or your boss giving you an easy day to live your life? You being able to do something you love without being caught or scrutinized for? Your partner having a good day? You being able to achieve a little more of your current personal goals? You having an anxiety-free sleep? That one day where you accept yourself momentarily? your kids obeying you? When your favorite street vendor is still in business? When you don’t criticize yourself and feel good about yourself for once? When your stocks rise? When your hair looks good? When you can go for something without being controlled by your trauma?

An easier question would be: what is wellbeing and a healthy state of mind independent of?

A war at the border? Or some domestic fight at a neighbors' house? An animal being butchered for a vegan? A finance budget being announced for a group one is not part of? A car accident where whole family died? Laws established at neighboring country? The tide level of the sea? Someone dying due to lack of healthcare?

Are you spared from these? Or are you spared for thinking you're immune to these?

For all things to go perfectly fine, or moderately fine, or holding just enough for you to not have a breakdown; how fragile and dependent is your worth of life?

And how many people altogether are you independent of?

Whether to live away from close ones who threaten your independence and be constantly distracted by the feeling of missing out?

Or to live together with people who know you well, and keep that independence somewhere in your goals?

When you feel too much, or when you feel too little, which independence saves you from complete insanity?

To feel blessed that we outgrow everything? Or to keep suffering due to conditionings you cannot outgrow?

Whether to keep setting new small goals to rely on and complete them in order to feel independent, or to simply accept broader defeat?

To be reliant on refilling independence; or, rather, to fail to achieve those goals in order to let them keep beating your heart?

To run towards oneself or to walk alongside oneself? To control under being controlled? Or to be an instrument? To call oneself independent and being able to dominate one’s own life? To accept what life truly is? Or to merely have enough control to accept it as it is?

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