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Hush hush

A glass wall made from opaque tooth

And those with even more opaque eyeglasses

Both to see in clarity

All the effort to keep the pest in control,

from making the home weaker, warmer, dirty and dangerous.

So the disasters are part of pest control methods,

but somehow pest never learn their place.

They then invent vaccines more powerful than the new disaster itself

Somehow walking hand in hand.

Trees and their leaves, petals, butterflies, water streams, raindrops, birds, clouds, sunrays, shades of the sky, insects, wet soil, sand, rainbows, dog fur and to many more landmarks are included in the earth map now.

The idea of measure comes from what is believed to exist before, the image in mirrors builds up on the previous image struck.

Red pipes indicate hassle or unwanted waste material,

a red worn by bride is equally hiding something.

Eyes are magic mirrors, the shade of red changes for what comes across

The magic doesn’t go away even when faced with a fixed mirror

The calculative mystery yields a random and totally believable result

The secrets told in confidence are simpler than stories portrayed openly.

A broken branch of tree for any reason shows hidden core patterns, while rest of the branches keep carrying the bark.

One gets to know their neurotic tendencies while judging others'.

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