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You live once again when you die

Babies and elders do not have control over their situations and minds. Isn't that a great news for them?

Situations that overwhelm us and the parts that we have managed to keep together, parts that allow us to be accepted by society of sane - slowly start falling apart in enclosed rooms.

All the wisdom and philosophy are put on hold when life happens. We spend millions on therapies and psychologists only to cover our scars band-aids.

Our knowledge of drugs and diseases does not spare us from pain. Infact, knowing something increases our fear towards it.

We merely control our perspective to life, as a constant self-preservation from disease, pain, poverty and ultimately dying. It all comes down to this constant repressed terror of death, all of human life structure revolves around self-preservation. Ironically, we are anxious of the things we know. Repression is hiding something from yourself, at some corner - that doesn't work! We stick to ideologies, society and construct a personality in public to prevent our true emotional states from showing and to self-preserve even more anxiously. We all are so neurotic. In fact, the psychotic is the one with total confrontation, because he cannot hold it together anymore, he is less neurotic than us in a sense. He is finally free.

We control life in would, should, could, ifs and buts in our minds. The truth is life happens in "is".

They say a thought is formed in our brain much before it is executed, and then we create a description of the reality that has happened the very moment it has passed by.

This change of perspective also explains the uniqueness of life within life and also alternative parellel reality.

But like transcendence of nothingness, transcendence of orgasmic pleasure and transcendence of spiritual attainments, there is transcendence in near-death experience.

There is great transcendence in pain, so much pain where you lose all the human part of you, you surrender to the unknown, numbing you at the same time as you feel the absolute. You cannot think of anything in that brief period of pain, controlling is out of question. How truly sublime would it be to finally be free from yourself?

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