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Moral is heaviest mortal

Growing a liver at your garden takes a few days

Making it a functional liver is beyond possible

Truth needs to be held by two sides

Without validation, truth is merely another statement

All facts are statements and any statement can be a fact

Mustard is a color, a seed, a dressing, also a clothing brand, an oil or a plant.

Rain is not always around, but bathrooms have rain mist setting

In the dark night, the most loving bug holds onto the soil

And crows reward one another with flocks while they feast on bugs

Being a moral crow alone is like being a baby left alone, only to be eaten by a flock.

Organic apples are priced higher than normal apples,

and they need a special tag to be carried for it.

The organic apple has crisis of its contents;

Its existentialism.

The soil of its roots; The sunlight it's leaves were penetrated with; Or the external pampering enforced by humans;

Nothing can be segregated anymore.

Organic apples' existence has higher purpose and authority than normal apples;

The weight of power and the risk of falling from higher shelf; Moral and truth is a burden bigger than that of a lie.

It takes only a few hours to make someone falsely believe in and confess to committing crimes they didn’t actually commit.

Memories of committing crime with police contact can be surprisingly easy to generate, and can have all the same kinds of complex details as real memories. Read more:




Life cycle

Food cycle

Weather cycle

Utilization cycle



Energy cycle

Are all endless circles

The more zeros after a number means more of some priority.

But without a man, circular cycles merely seem useless to his imagination.

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