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Pleasure to pleasure

People often wonder how horrible person can have such good long life Sometimes the naivest person who deserves all the love, meets fate of endless misery

Sometimes a hardworking skilled person keeps struggling to make his ends meet Sometimes a nobody can sit on an empire.

Sometimes a mistake is scrutinized and given death penalty Sometimes a homicide is forgotten and buried away

And people often wonder if karma exist out of fantasy

How does all the love and favor loses its way

Rights and wrongs loves many costumes. Costumes of certain era, funeral costumes, war costumes Costumes to wear in Rome and Costumes to wear in Africa Folk costumes and Worship costumes Costumes to cover face and Costumes to show part of breasts Costumes to brighten and Costumes to blend

The endless shades and alters of Gods that change makes. A hand that gives and takes. A mind that sleeps and wakes. Passion for fantasy now asks for reality check Lover of surrender wants to dissect the served plate

Lacerations to some, to cover some. A cloud that rains above, and a lightning that chooses.

Earth holds all

War spares none Love doesn't reason Guilt doesn't shrink

Hate doesn't stand alone

Paradise defines elusive Definition is not unique

Hell doesn't surpass earthly death

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