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Sexuality is Everyone’s Weakness and Strength

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

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When Sigmund Freud said “Sexuality is Everyone’s Weakness and Strength”. How much of it was from male perspective?

Throughout history and cinema, two versions of men are celebrated. Fuckboy and Majnu.

Either commitment phobic or suffocating, unavailable or too available to erase your existence. Incarcerating few and ruling the rest, The King!

Men are connecting women to power, same way in which animals are at mercy of humans.

A man thinks before teasing somebody’s wife.

Because she is property of someone, and there might be consequences.

Difference between a married and unmarried woman is like a dog with or without leash.

Which explains how men were raping and killing anybody they set their eyes on in history.

But do you think the society has evolved and women are safe now?

Despite the laws and the safety assured to women, why does a woman’s heart beat fast when someone starts following her on the road?

Why does she call a friend and narrate what is happening with her? Why does restlessness come to her so easily if she can confide in safety? Does she believe in protection, let alone justice from sexist - so called laws?

Brain does not differentiate between the thoughts of imagination in your mind, something happening in your dreams or in real. It generates similar trauma of living in the fear constantly. The subconscious fear of being conscious all the time because you are a breathing woman!

What has really changed by normalizing this "woman-anxiety"?

This whole world becomes part of order, which creates fear.

The way cats are scared of dogs, women are of men

Men of richer men

Rich men of more powerful men

Equality just cannot exist!

It comes down to power and order

Whoever has more than another will always use it - ego is such.

Tribes are replaced by organized religion, why?

The reason why all the major religions survived over Paganism because it gave power instead of equality.

Where is the trace of equality in us then?

If men are always thinking of raping the woman they see, competing with each other.

If women are always thinking of saving themselves from being disrespected at each and every minute of their day?

Women striving to have a better man who will save them from being raped.

Because come on, how many poor man’s wives are not under threat of crimes?

Poorer the powerless!

Has philosophy really saved us from this misery or has philosophy has created an illusion of goodness?

So many middle to old aged men touch women in public, make vulgar actions, or flash their dicks? I have 20 incidences happened to me that I can remember of vaguely.

Don’t these men go to their daughters or wives as loving and naïve old fathers?

I know there is some good in the world

Some people who actually help

Some men who repress the thoughts of raping

Some women who support other women

But doesn’t this good again come from fear of reputation or fear of karma or fear of God or fear of law?

Doesn’t the order come there too?

"Not all of us" does not prove anything, because if it were true since longest of time, women would not still be commodities and men would not still have basic privileges' over them.

If no fear of being disrespected or raped exists If no toxic ego, desire to possess or desire to exploit exists If equal opportunities and "one as all" is true, Why would constitutional marriage even come into picture?

and Why would marriage be the paramount thing ever to a woman's life! Read this quick article on origin of marriage So, what is a good person and what is an evolved humanity?

Good and evil is a hoax, a controlling agent. The person who assaulted you today goes and donates certain amount or saves somebody from fire, will become a good person. Killing is crime, but wars are heroic. Time, power, order, perspective, action and reaction, law etc. changes that we are good or bad person.

What does the famous song “Oo antava” say?

Played like a flute by animalistic desires, equality respect truth justice and decency cannot be acquired or enforced.

A person does not change, and a person cannot change without fear. Fear is the mother of Morality.

We all have secrets thoughts, a hidden basement where we live, holding us like roots hold the tree, like a puppet moves and lives in the show.

And Freud might agree when I say that, we do not differ from animals, driven by food and shelter,

eventually leading us to the biggest architect of humanity - order of sex and sexuality.

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