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What is being Human?

Drive by a concrete road leading towards a flyover across the sea, do you recognize the laborers who built it day and night with hard-work for two meals a day?

It never occurs to you to think about this, even when you see more than one labourer on the job as you pass by a road being built.

In your eyes, they are some poverty-stricken people who could not do better with their lives and you lack hope for them.

These workers believe they are building roads that will benefit millions of people. They are doing remarkable work with their skillset and eye for detail. In addition, they are contributing to their communities in an outstanding way. They are the unsung heroes behind connectivity in the city, leaving behind their imprint on this world.

They gaze up at the flyovers that arc above the city with the shiny eyes, and their generation of children strive to make their parents immortal by sharing fragments of family dreams. It is as if they are the pillars to the bridges reaching for the sky.

This dream makes them stand in that scorching sun and work; unaffected by dust, sweat, pain and thirst. As their privileges exceed that of a beggar and are less than those of a middle-class man, they have a chance or a fear of going one way or the other.

Salvation emerges from a hollow heart, constrained by its inability to survive alone in this cruel world. He finds hope through alliance with a greater power. A purpose that gives him a name, enables him to feed his family, brings value to this world and gives him immortality symbol even when he is gone.

Dreams always remain incomplete, whether one day you wake up or not.

This is humanity. This is the story of every human in this world.

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