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  • About the book

    Spots on the Mirror compels to look in the mirror to see stains (perspectives) which this world has embedded into us.
    These perspectives further define our view to the world and ourselves, as the reflection from mirror to eye is never ending.
    It also signifies the importance of these spots, that by observing smallest things in life uncover monumental epiphanies.
    Change of perspectives open the doors to reveal miracles within.

    The content of this book is blend of hard-hitting truths and the vulnerability of being human, which leads to ultimate liberation of an individual and humanity.

    Tinged with the heartbreak of a broken home and complexity of society, Spots on the Mirror stands out as a collection to cherish for lifetime.
    Spots on the Mirror centers around themes of love, loss, vulnerability, misogyny, collective unconscious and bitter truths of humanity.
    Connect with yourself up close as you go through the journey of this moving poetry.

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